Bin Waan Jing (Impetuous Phantom)


At first glance, Bin Waan Jing looks quite nondescript, blending into the crowd as much as possible. He’s a youth of mixed asian parentage with a rather slight build.

His cybereyes change colors frequently based on his whims. They can be tuned down to appear at first glance as natural eyes, though any closer examination will clearly show their true nature.

Bin Waan Jing tends to dress relatively stylishly, though most of his clothes tend to be fairly well-worn.

Character Sheet for Bin Waan Jing


I grew up on the streets of Gua Lung, or Kowloon for you Gwai Lo. I don’t remember my parents; my first memories are of when I was running with The Daskinder. That was the life; lifting whatever I could get my hands on and living in the nooks and crannies of the world. It was always a downer seeing people leave The Daskinder to the adult world, but I was particularly distraught to see my chummer, Holo, go. She ended up in Jiyuan, but as a Daskinder, she was always my backup and lookout as I liberated merchandise and a my rock on those dark, damp nights in the ghetto.

Eventually, my time with The Daskinder was done and I had to make my own way in the world. I really didn’t think life as a ganger was for me, and I definitely wasn’t cut out to dredge out a life as an honest man. That didn’t leave me a lot of options, but I lucked out and managed to get on Stephen Wu’s smuggling crew working out of the Kai Tak Night Market.

Anyway, one of the advantages of working for Mr. Wu was that it gave me a convenient fence for whatever I could get my hands on. Eventually, I was making more nuyen stealing than I was doing odd-jobs for Mr. Wu, so I set off on my own. I made mad nuyen for a while, but it got boring hitting shops and no-names. I did make enough that I could afford some decent chrome, but damn that knocked out my stash in a hurry…chrome is fraggin’ expensive…

Bin Waan Jing (Impetuous Phantom)

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