Jiang Wei (Dauntless)


When the voice from the shadows calls you, when the wind whips past your ears
Will you stand when the weight is upon you, or will you go to your knees in fear?

Born to runner parents, Jiang Wei’s parents tried to insulate her from their work, but inevitably shadowrunning always comes home. The entire team took turns raising her, helping protect her from the assassination attempts targeting them, and she wound up kidnapped on more than one occasion. During the most notable of those incidents, the stress of being confronted with a toxic spirit resulted in her Awakening, and the hasty advice shouted to her by the team’s mage became her motto: “JUST KEEP PUNCHING UNTIL IT STOPS MOVING!”

Kowloon isn’t a great place to grow up while Awakened. With grotesque spirits chasing her practically every moment, she had to learn to fight them quickly just to stay alive; as a result, her fighting style is all about surviving, dirty techniques learned from other runners and overheard in bars. In preparation for her first run, she created her signature mask, less to actually obscure herself and more to “look sweet as hell.”

After one particular run went sour, her parents’ team broke up and scattered to the winds. Only one runner from the team remains in Kowloon (see below), and while not terribly experienced, she’s been on enough runs to know the ropes. Someday, she hopes to earn her way out as well… by punching things until they stop moving.


  • Sheng Long, magic trainer. Kickboxer, adept, ex-corp-mage. Not even slightly Chinese; insists his name does in fact have meaning. Used to perform magical research, but now mostly just tries to stay low-profile. One of the members of her parents’ team.
  • “Taboo” Cansino, fixer. A retired runner who’s settled down into the relatively-more-peaceful fixer’s life. Hacker, notable for their custom “Data Claw” signature program. Worked with her parents’ team on a contract basis.
  • Yan Tsao, talismonger. Self-styled dictator of the local Awakened community; everyone hates him but also everyone needs him, therefore he’s survived so far.
  • Dmitri Lovikov, bartender. A bartender who keeps very quiet about his past and his cyberware— looks milspec or experimental, but who can say? Fluent in Russian; she’s picked up a little from him. She often hangs out in his bar, but her penchant for getting into fights to test her strength means she’s not always what one might call a welcome guest.

Jiang Wei (Dauntless)

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