Kowloon City

In 2056 disaster struck the Walled City, some say it was a drug lab explosion, others say it was a demonic Queen trying to claw her way into our reality, but either way the citizens were shaken to their core. In its wake few wanted to remain within those horrible walls and the citizens of the WC began to seep out into greater Kowloon. As these refugees began spilling out of Kowloon the rest of the city took notice, and the Hong Kong Police Force was happy to lend a helping hand, in riot gear. The resulting blood bath was well spun by the government, and its citizens were ready to listen to official channels, in Kowloon it led to an awakening that seeded the beginnings of strong anti-establishment sentiments.

In 2062/3, the Red Dragon triad openly warred with the Yellow Lotus, absolutely eradicating the YL in Hong Kong. The Black Chrysanthemums’ dark grip over the Walled City was left unaffected, and while the RD took control over greater Kowloon, they encountered difficulty in establishing true influence within the community.

In 2068 the growing unrest blossomed into the pro-democratic revolutionary/terrorist group known as the 9×9s. This group’s presence was felt by both the government and the Red Dragons as both organizations could feel Kowloon City’s pull towards independence, and both groups did all they could to quell the movement quickly, though many of their suspects were innocent bystanders. This led to the 9×9s becoming more desperate, and their protests escalated to terrorism.

To make matters worse, in 2071 the Red Dragons finally took notice at the Black Chrysanthemums who had been rapidly growing in power due to their success with the highly addictive drug Tempo which was taking the world by storm. Fearing that the BCs were stoking the fires of noncompliance in Kowloon and riding high from their coup they launched an all out offensive. The BCs took some hits, but they fought back hard, and in the stale mate every gang, triad, and wannabe hood jumped into the fray hoping to be the ones to take a piece of the pie for themselves leading to the Kowloon Massacre of June 14th killing thousands of innocents. In the end there was no clear winner, but the government could no longer ignore Kowloon, and the Red Dragons began quietly pulling their interests out of KC. Later that year special forces teams made numerous raids capturing massive quantities of drugs and many Black Chrysanthemums leaving a significant power vacuum in the city.

Capitalizing on the power vacuum and the anti-government/gang fire raging in Kowloon, the 9×9 announced Kowloon’s Independence from Hong Kong and the people were quick to sign on. The HKPF, had been preparing for war against the triads, and before the flag could unfurl those troops deployed to the battlefield. Kowloon is full of nooks and crannies, drug addicts of every flavor, criminals too crazy to go elsewhere, a host of runners, and many many other challenges for a regimented police task force, and they proved too difficult to overcome. The HKPF had to fall back and established entrenched positions on the outskirts of Kowloon. Unable to hold advanced ground, and equally unable to let Kowloon become its own state, they dug in, built up a defensive perimeter, blocked all routes to the highways, and initiated a siege. Over the next month, these defenses grew into a reinforced wall encircling Kowloon City, but the HKPF was feeling the drain more than the walled citizens and they knew they had to change tactics. Shortly after the wall was complete, a wave of bad drugs hit the streets causing many to go on rampages against friend and foe alike. As soon as the drug frenzied started to die down, Knight Errant swooped in and finished the conflict in an hour (by leveling several blocks and killing anyone they saw until it was absolutely clear that everyone was happy to fall in line). The Kowloon siege was largely blamed gang warfare and terrorism, the stories focused on the efficiency and surgical precision of Ares’ assistance, and how inspiring it is that the Black Chrysanthemums were reviving the original purpose of the Triads as a community organization who appeared just in time to help the citizens of Kowloon get up and begin rebuilding.

Now a couple years later, the walls have stayed up, the BCs really did help rebuild the Kowloon to its former ‘glory’, while posting border guards and tolls for leaving the city. Additionally, KC has gotten a population swell as the Government helped so many refugees return to their homes after the chaos (many of which never lived in Kowloon, but were struggling with poverty, addiction, etc), and with the unified managment and heavily rushed construction the lines between Walled City and Kowloon City have begun to blur.

Kowloon City

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