Organizations of Kowloon City

Jiyuan (Also referred to as PolyU by stinking Gwailo): Matriarchal tech-gang based out of the old Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus.

Coeng Sing (Liberated Ascent): Wujen-wizgang mainly focused in Walled City, but are seen throughout Kowloon. Small and new, but cunning and hungry for power.

Ngok Si (Teachers of Fear): Very little is known about this group, but as far as anyone can tell they are a reclusive death cult who worship the Yama Kings, as such they rarely venture out of the Walled City.

Debt Collectors: Another new gang, mostly young drug addicted Gwailo rounded up from other parts of the city and thrown into Kowloon. They idolize a fictitious version of Hong Kong from the late 1900’s before Britain returned control of the city. These are the suburbanite wannabe’s turned into street thugs, young entitled disenfranchised, angry, and more likely to operate on street rules learned from western trid flix than anything reality based, a combination which makes them particularly volatile and dangerous).

DasKinder: Child gang of cunning child thieves. Kowloon’s version of Artful Dodger’s gang.

Black Chrysanthemums: A dark, secretive triad that firmly controls Kowloon City. They largely let the city operate under its own agenda so long as all appropriate taxes and fees are paid and assuming that agenda does not include meddling or competing with the affairs of the triad. The two firm rules they impose on the locals are that no one comes or leaves the city without their knowledge/tolls, and that only BCs can enter the Black Garden ‘district.’

9×9: Wiped out recently at the climax of the Kowloon Siege, but recently some of their graffiti has begun to reappear. It is not clear whether or not these tags are the genuine article or more the product of copycats/wannabes, with the Debt Collectors around many assume the latter.

Organizations of Kowloon City

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